Tag: "frugal ways"

Energy saving fight back - Washing clothes

Saving money on doing the laundry every week in theory, should be easy. As part of our home's energy saving fightback [in which we look at everything we do from week to week] applying the simple process of breaking down each cost the savings appear… more »

Car repairs - try your local college!

The days of car body repairs being done at home, by the car owner are sadly long gone. We live in an age where everything car related has to be covered by an insurance premium and backed up by a no claims protection premium. As most garages charge the… more »

Feeding time - the wonders of baby rice

If you are expecting or have just had a baby, I cannot emphasise more, the benefits of having in your cupboards, a packet of baby rice. It is bland, it's seemingly of not much use, but baby rice in our house, is a godsend. Take for example the throwing… more »