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Local areas now dependent on supermarket donations?

#Supermarket "donates" £2000 to local park, while we all pay record taxes, how did we get here? more »

Saving energy and water costs you more money... why?

Fact: Saving energy and water costs you more money. I want to save energy, the more I save energy and change the way we do things in our house, the more I find that I am paying more money out of my pocket! There are those that say, yes the initial… more »

Consumers beware of boiler scrappage scheme claims

Regular readers of this website will know that saving money is something I take an interest in. We all work damned hard for our money, it amazes me how easily people give it away to businesses, in this mass marketing world we live in. You will also be… more »

Ban business use of "Up to" and "From"

Ban business use of "Up to" and "From"
Can a "Sale" be trusted anymore?
In the history of retail and marketing, never has two simple phrases done so much damage to the consumer. The two phrases/words are: "Up to" and "From" The removal of these, would do more to help the consumer overnight, than any amount of the spurious… more »