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The energy saving fight back has started...

The energy saving fight back has started...
Saving on energy bills with a multi fuel burner
For theƂ draining of household finances, there is no bigger burden [that I am aware of] than that of the energy companies. The examples of mis-selling, mis representation and often blatant untruths are out there for all to see. Is there any other… more »

Consumers beware of boiler scrappage scheme claims

Regular readers of this website will know that saving money is something I take an interest in. We all work damned hard for our money, it amazes me how easily people give it away to businesses, in this mass marketing world we live in. You will also be… more »

Going green costs more - why?

It is clear that everyone in the world would like to go "green" but why does everything concerned with "saving the planet" "protecting the environment" or "going green" always cost the people more money? In the past few years, windfarms have sprung up… more »