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Reduce your appliance rental bills

Do you rent any appliances? A few people I know rent washing machines, tumble dryers, TV and freeview recorder boxes, etc. (I rent my TV/recorder box equipment) Did you know for the price of a phone call, you can reduce the monthly cost of these at… more »

A frugal Christmas

I was listening to the radio in the car today, hearing Martin Lewis (self promoter extraordinare) declaring that he is putting his foot down over people spending too much at Christmas. A person he has "helped" with their finances (pushing extra internet… more »

Are you thinking frugal?

Frugality, thrift, penny pinching, etc, is not a "way of life" it is a way of thinking. A state of mind that always questions motives, reasoning, prices. In the words of Norman Stanley Fletcher - "It is all about little victories!" What is the purpose… more »