Having a new baby in the family as we do, I am spending more time out on the front doorstep having a smoke.
Whilst out there, I see (albeit briefly), and notice things I never spotted before.

Tonight, I noticed the silence!

I live just 5 minutes walking distance from a by-pass, the constant sound of traffic can be heard at all hours, but tonight... nothing but silence.

A calm, damp, evening, very mild, neighbours all tucked up in their homes, all the estate's barking dogs in their beds, birds asleep for the night, etc.
I cannot remember the last time I heard nothing, for five blissful minutes, nothing but piece and quiet.
You try it, stand outside your house for five minutes at night and listen, I would wager good money you would not be stood in silence!

Working after retirement?

"Full retirement is bad for you!" - Yet another survey has concluded.

Could it be that if people were allowed to retire and enjoy themselves, without any state bills to pay off, they would also live longer?
Of course, this has not been looked at in any surveys has it... wouldn't want to put people off from working now would we!

In my world, you reach age 60-65, then as far as the state goes you have done your whack.
No TV license, no council tax, free public transport and free use of local amenities, etc.
Just as in Spain, the retired community are at the centre of family life and everything revolves around them, quite rightly so in my opinion!