Christmas crackers are dangerous?

Marks & spencers have their new range of Christmas crackers in the shops, before you rush out and buy them please be advised they come with a clear WARNING!

Under the "Fireworks act" it is now illegal to sell christmas crackers (yes that is christmas crackers!) to anyone under the age of 16 years of age.

  • How many injuries have occured because of M&S christmas crackers?
  • How many customer complaints have they had as regards christmas crackers?
  • Which non job talking shop/quango, decided this would be a good use of the law?

Huge labels all over the packaging, now you need to provide ID to prove you are over 16 years of age before you can buy christmas crackers at Marks & spencers.
Is this applying common sense to the laws of this land?

I think not...

Bereaved savers insulted

The story: A lady's husband died whilst she was pregnant. He had saved a substantial amount in an ISA and over a year later, the bank still haven't paid her!

Disgusting as this is, the house of commons committee has decided to, "Issue new guidelines" - is that all?

Banks have a long track record of fudging customers when refunds or payouts are due, the British Bankers Ass. can blow all the hot air they like about "training issues" and "staff development" the fact remains that the banks know exactly what they are doing and could easily be stopped in their tracks! In England and Wales, each financial company has to have a Consumer credit license - without this they cannot trade as a business.

Those in power should be enforcing the removal of this license whenever a financial company blatently flouts the law of the land.
This would make the company ACT as quickly as possible and help the customer, instead those in charge of the country talk about it, discuss it, review it, but nothing ever gets done and the company is never held to account.

It's time the customer was put first!

Supermarkets confusing the binge drinking issue?

The story: Sainsburys, Asda and Waitrose appear in front of a parliamentary committee, looking at the prospect of a "minimum price" for alcohol. The MPs argue that the supermarkets are not doing anything to prevent a booze culture - for once I agree with them, supermarkets are part of the problem and as with other issues, have shown they cannot be trusted to do what is best for the public/county, as a whole. The supermarkets appearing at the meeting, declare that it would be a "stealth tax" and "punish the casual drinker." What they have to realise is that supermarkets are not interested in their customers one little bit! Profit is the only thing that motivates them into action on any issue. Supermarkets completely contradict what they are advising and telling the country - how can you tell the country to "drink responsibly" at the exact same time as running a national campaign - selling three bottles of wine for just £10?


Having a new baby in the family as we do, I am spending more time out on the front doorstep having a smoke.
Whilst out there, I see (albeit briefly), and notice things I never spotted before.

Tonight, I noticed the silence!

I live just 5 minutes walking distance from a by-pass, the constant sound of traffic can be heard at all hours, but tonight... nothing but silence.

A calm, damp, evening, very mild, neighbours all tucked up in their homes, all the estate's barking dogs in their beds, birds asleep for the night, etc.
I cannot remember the last time I heard nothing, for five blissful minutes, nothing but piece and quiet.
You try it, stand outside your house for five minutes at night and listen, I would wager good money you would not be stood in silence!

Working after retirement?

"Full retirement is bad for you!" - Yet another survey has concluded.

Could it be that if people were allowed to retire and enjoy themselves, without any state bills to pay off, they would also live longer?
Of course, this has not been looked at in any surveys has it... wouldn't want to put people off from working now would we!

In my world, you reach age 60-65, then as far as the state goes you have done your whack.
No TV license, no council tax, free public transport and free use of local amenities, etc.
Just as in Spain, the retired community are at the centre of family life and everything revolves around them, quite rightly so in my opinion!