Comment from: Linda [Visitor]
Today is the first time I have had trouble with Abbey online banking. Apparently the transfer arrangement that I already have set up will not be affected, but any new transaction that I may want to execute will require a one time code. What a load of tosh. I tried to point out to them that I do not have a mobile phone. Their answer was that I could go to the bank and make a transfer. OK dummy, I know that but lets factor in that I am housebound (which is why I do on line banking)and I have no need for a mobile phone and have no intention of buying one just so I can transfer money from my Abbey a/c to my NatWest one. I also questioned how secure a password sitting on a mobile phone is should it be lost or stolen. But that is not a problem madam. You just contact them and give your new phone number and get a new password. My account is just for my husbands wage to be deposited in. Thank goodness I don't pay bills with this account and anyone who has a business account with them has my sympathy. I won't use one time code. When I can no longer transfer money online I will simply stop using the account. Their loss not mine.
10/11/09 @ 16:12
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter
Hey up Linda, I thought it was just us that were having this problem! Unfortunately, we use online banking to pay several bills each month, using the "payment" set up, instead of trusting the Abbey with direct debits (this way money leaves our account when I say so and not when they choose!) This new passcode, on top of three codes and security, is a joke. When I pay our 13 bill payments each month, I have to have a new passcode sent out for each transaction. Another problem (although it has now been corrected after 19 days) was when they transferred over our account (for reasons their own advisors did not know) they simply posted a message after "log in" saying "please try later" In addition to this they messed up all the details on the account, which two advisors continued to discuss the account despite it being impossible to complete data protection! Ironic, as the one time passcode is designed to increase security. Thanks for the feedback.
10/11/09 @ 22:24

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