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How long to clear a cheque?

If you are a customer of Santander/Abbey, you will know that paying a cheque into your bank account and having your funds cleared, is like pulling teeth! Three working days is the standard time for a cheque to clear, it is instant in bank accounts with… more »

Santander/Abbey - 5 bags of change a day only!

It is reassuring to know, that Santander bank have their customer's best interests at heart and that security at their branches is of paramount importance... Unless of course, you actually need to use one of their branches! It has taken four (that's… more »

Abbey banking farce continues

Day 16: Still no access to our account. Promised us on Saturday that an email would be sent to "the back office staff" regarding our account being mixed up when transfering over to their "one time passcode" system (I cringe whenever the word system, is… more »

Abbey online banking nightmare

Exactly what is going on with Abbey national's online banking? First, we cannot log on for 9 days - the page just states that "ebanking is offline at the minute, please try again later" (There is nowhere to email or contact Abbey, only a phone line… more »

One time passcode - ebanking - Abbey

Have you come across the "new" banking security feature, one time passcode? Abbey banking, have restricted my account for 9 days for online banking, posting the message, "The ebanking service is off line at the moment, please try again later." I rang… more »