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Google checkout leaves customer out of pocket

Want a faster, safer and more convenient way to shop online? You got it. This is the marketing bumph that google checkout tells the internet world. I am taking part in a "secret santa" - where I can by a friend over at Chatgames ( a… more »

Google's top ten searched for phrases

The top ten search phrases for google have been announced. 1. Facebook 2. BBC 3. YouTube 4. Hotmail 5. Games 6. eBay 7. News 8. Google 9. Yahoo 10. Bebo The most puzzling one is at number 8 - who visits google to search for google? How bizarre… more »

Moneysupermarket dot com

I received an email addressed to "Hi " - which went on to promote themselves and their new section regarding discount codes. Ironically, they have a whole section for their users on "How to stop spam emails!" After emails with Mr Williams… more »

Product placement is damaging TV and radio

After just a few weeks of product placement being allowed in our TV shows and radio, it is already apparent that it is dictating the direction and topics, that some shows are using. Jerermy Vine (dinnertimes radio 2) is a prime example. I listen in on… more »

Abbey online banking nightmare

Exactly what is going on with Abbey national's online banking? First, we cannot log on for 9 days - the page just states that "ebanking is offline at the minute, please try again later" (There is nowhere to email or contact Abbey, only a phone line… more »