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One time passcode - ebanking - Abbey

Have you come across the "new" banking security feature, one time passcode? Abbey banking, have restricted my account for 9 days for online banking, posting the message, "The ebanking service is off line at the moment, please try again later." I rang… more »

o2 customer service fails

In my "Frugal wars" (section coming soon to this website!) I am taking on the might of the o2 mobile phone company. I came to the end of an 18 month contract recently and without notice they removed my negotiated discount and charged me an extra £7 per… more »

Outlook express update email scam

Beware an email scam that claims to be an update for "microsoft outlook and outlook express." At first glance all appears well, but hovering over the link provided reveals a different web address in the link to the one displayed in the email.… more »