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Equidebt now EQL

Equidebt now EQL
Cold calling and calling themselves "EQL"
If you have an unpaid debt, then it maybe purchased by a "company" called equidebt, be prepared for some telephone calls from a "company" called EQL. The telephone call will consist of asking for the person named on the debt, followed by repeated… more »

Cancelling an AA membership is harder than buying take that tickets!

Cancelling an AA membership is harder than buying take that tickets!
Twenty seven phone calls over 24 hours and STILL I haven't been able to cancel my AA membership! Each time I ring up, "We are very busy dealing with breakdown calls, please try again later" - then I am cut off. I have tried afternoons, evenings, after… more »

Are bank charges fraudulent?

I believe that some bank charges are in breach of the fraud act 2006. A real example: You have £100 left in your account. You make an authorised card payment for £60 (leaving a £40 balance on your account) A direct debit, of £50 is due out of your… more »

Avoid unpaid direct debit bank charges

Bank's love to charge for each unpaid direct debit (and knock on overdraft charges, etc), it makes huge profits from them, it knows this, their customers know this, the powers that be know it. So avoiding running up unpaid direct debit charges (and… more »

Car insurance costs record rise say the AA

Car insurance premiums have risen by a new record amount say the AA. Really? Thanks for stating the bleeding obvious! The reason the AA say, is because of another surge in injury claims - utter rubbish! My insurance more than doubled with direct line,… more »