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Car insurance costs record rise say the AA

Car insurance premiums have risen by a new record amount say the AA. Really? Thanks for stating the bleeding obvious! The reason the AA say, is because of another surge in injury claims - utter rubbish! My insurance more than doubled with direct line,… more »

Save money when renting goods

Many people still rent their televisions, freeview recorders, washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges, etc. With a simple phone call, you can reduce how much you pay for these items. Every so often throughout the year, the rental price of each item is… more »

Debt collection companies - Shoosmiths

This is how Shoosmiths (debt collection) treat clients of companies, when attempting to recover an outstanding debt from them, via their debt collection office. (Details of course have been removed to protect our friend of the site): "We are instructed… more »

Direct line - hiding negative website feedback

Direct line - hiding negative website feedback
Regular readers of my rants will know, that I cannot stand Direct line car insurance. I was insured with direct line for 14 years, as well as 13 years for my better half and 2 years for sprog1. In all that time and with just four changes of vehicle, my… more »

Eon are taking customer's credit

Eon staff really haven't got a clue what they are talking about. I have yet to speak to an Eon advisor or manager, that knows how Eon's own system works and how pre payment meters work. Got my "statement" today, it was wrong again (As it has been… more »