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British gas prepayment meter statement lies

I have just received my yearly pre payment meter statement from British gas. Littered with lies and misrepresentations, it does its level best to deceive and manipulate the customer into believing that all is well with their gas payments. "We've tried… more »

Frugal choices - Goodbye gas, hello coal!

Frugal choices - Goodbye gas, hello coal!
"Efficient" is using a coal fire instead of British Gas
One thing I have learned in recent years, is that a person can only be frugal in any way, when they introduce CHOICE. Choice has become the enemy of business in recent years, once the individual has a choice, then they can see right through what the… more »

Pre VAT increase price rises?

A fine example of how us customers, stand little or no chance when it comes to "Rip off Britain" Take a bow Currys, I'd like to see how they explain this one away! On Christmas Eve, her indoors, purchased a camcorder for my Christmas present. The price… more »

Stay frugal this Christmas eve

The clock has struck 12 here, tis now Christmas eve! We are all in the "marketing" zone, whereby fears and worries about forgetting a gift, food shopping, etc, are at a height never seen at any other timeƂ in the entire calendar year. No matter how… more »

British Gas don't care about their customers

British Gas don't care about their customers
British Gas do not care about their customers!
British Gas are systematically telling their customers lies, misleading their customers and breaking strict laws on Data Protection by not keeping accurate customer account notes! British Gas are also taking no action when pre payment customers are… more »