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Greedy people destroy trust in others

As posted back in February 2011, see link above, I have been investigating why a scratch on a 10 year old car bumper, no bigger than my thumbnail, first cost an estimated £152 to repair, then finally cost £554 when the bill for the work was received… more »

British Gas lying to customers - where's OFGEM?

British gas have finally responded to constant questioning by frugal ways, via the website, via telephoning their billing department and repeated questions on twitter. The summary of their answers can be summed up in one sentence, "Our rates are… more »

How much more are British Gas charging, because of where you live?

How much more are British Gas charging, because of where you live?
Does anyone know how British gas charge by area of UK?
British gas are charging customers differently, depending which area of the UK customers live in. Billing and meter staff admit to this without exception, british gas' own website states this when a customer checks individual tariff charges. So why does… more »

The Financial Ombudsman Service is a failure!

I have currently one case awaiting an ombudsman to pick up and rule upon. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) have had this for well over a year now. My last communication with them was by telephone, since October 2010 (It's now March 2011), it has… more »

Car insurance firms passing on details of people involved in crashes to claims companies

Once again, another report/study into the money lavished industry of car insurance has revealed that customers are being exploited and lied to, by the companies that are supposedly there to protect them! A report from the Transport Select Committee… more »