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The road to being frugal - Shopping

Being frugal, thrifty, etc, is a process of working out what is right for you, getting there is not a new found wonder or a be all and end all way of life. It's about doing what is right for you and your family. It has many twists and turns. I'll be… more »

Are you paying much more than air passenger duty for flight taxes?

I have been making enquiries into flight prices, travelling to the USA. Many "cheap" flights websites are quoting prices that are not available, they are also quoting prices that are "excluding taxes and fees" - which since 2008 under european law has… more »

Beware when buying flights/holidays online?

This post could apply to any business, but has come to light now as I search pathetically for flights and or holiday accomodation on the internet. My aim is simple - to find flights to San francisco and return from Las Vegas. I'll need a hire car as we… more »

Van insurance cover warning!

An urgent warning for all people insured to drive a van - check your insurance covers you to drive any other vehicle! A friend of frugal ways came unstuck, when they discovered the fully comprehensive van insurance they had, did not cover them for… more »

Home made consumer protection

I have been kicking around an idea for a while now, so I thought I would share it with you, regarding protecting myself and my family on major purchases, in effect, home made consumer protection. We had to purchase a car a couple of years ago, with two… more »