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Golden rules of shopping local.

My golden rules to "Shop local"... more »

Trading standards are doing nothing about supermarkets!

Trading standards failing to keep supermarkets in check! more »

Supermarkets are creating waste

I would normally post this in our supermarket section, I decided to place it in here, as it could have gone in our gardening section also. Supermarket domination of food sales is well documented, but what I witnessed today in our local Asda, summed up… more »

Frugal ways beats Tesco!

Frugal ways beats Tesco!
When my local Tesco store were selling Lurpak at a 50p higher price than you could buy it from the same store, same shelf, if you placed an order online, I watched their shelf price for almost two weeks. Nothing changed. Once we had run out of said… more »

Less product for more money?

Less product for more or the same price, increases costs on everyone. It is a great way to hide inflationary or above inflation price rises, from the average person. I will add to this post as I come across goods that show companies are taking the… more »