Category: "Money chat"

VAT rate confusion will hit customers pockets!

FACT - The world of retail loves nothing more than confusion for it's customer base. The more clouded an issue for customers the more money it can edge out of our pockets without the customers realising! With the impending return of VAT, from 15% to… more »

Reduce your appliance rental bills

Do you rent any appliances? A few people I know rent washing machines, tumble dryers, TV and freeview recorder boxes, etc. (I rent my TV/recorder box equipment) Did you know for the price of a phone call, you can reduce the monthly cost of these at… more »

Eon - smart key meters - cost customers more money

In my experience, when a company "make things easier for customers" there, always and without exception, is an increase in cost to the customer somewhere along the line. Example 1 - The lovely new "easier to understand" British Telecom quarterly bill -… more »

OFT drops bank charges challenge

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) have dropped their challenge to the banks, regarding their overdraft fees. I am personally disgusted at this! The new supreme court ruled in favour of the banks (against all expectations and two previous rulings by the… more »

BT charges/bills are rising without notice!

British Telecom charges have magically increased without any notice what so ever! Unlimited weekend plan (inc. calling plan) last quarter £32.60 - this quarter it has  increased to £37.50 Equipment rental charge last quarter £3.80 - this quarter it… more »